River Dane Footpath Re-Opened Following River Bank Collapse

By May 18, 2018 Uncategorized

A new footpath has been constructed through Whalley Road Playing Fields following a river bank collapse last year that damaged the old footpath.

The footpath, which runs along the east side of the River Dane between London Road and the Memorial Court, has been re-routed slightly to take the path further away from the water’s edge to prevent future damage. Planting has also taken place to strengthen the river bank and help prevent further collapses.

Town Clerk Chris Shaw said, “We looked at a number of options following the collapse, including simply repairing the riverbank and re-instating the damaged footpath. The River Dane is unusual in that the route it follows today has hardly been modified from its natural course. At this point, it is quite fast-flowing with a number of strong currents and eddies. It is this that is the underlying cause of the erosion and ultimately the collapse. Given this, we felt the best option was to try to strengthen the riverbank as far as possible, and to move the path away from the river. With the work now complete, residents can once again enjoy this beautiful walk on the edge of the town centre.”

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