Council Meetings


Full Council meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at 6.30 pm, with the exception of Bank Holidays when the meeting will be held the following evening – Tuesday.

Planning & Environment Committee and Finance & General Purposes Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The Amenities Committee, Grants Committee and Policy and Operations Committee meet on an ad hoc basis as required.

Meeting times for all committees will be shown in agendas posted on the Council notice board 5 days beforehand.

Members of the public can attend all meetings, but will be unable to make any comments.

If a member of public wishes to bring an issue to the Town Council this must be put in writing to the Town Clerk at least 7 working days before the meeting and may speak in the ‘Open Forum’.  No discussion will take place, but the member of the public will be responded to in writing as necessary.

 Meeting Timetable 2018

  • Monday 8th January
  • Monday 5th February
  • Monday 5th March
  • Tuesday 3rd April
  • Monday  1st May
  • Monday 4th June
  • Monday 2nd July
  •  August  Recess
  • Monday 3rd September
  • Monday 1st October
  • Monday 5th November
  • Monday 3rd December